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Your much younger lovers. Cubs are usually sexy young guys that cougars keep around for company whether it be sex or to make her feel happy and young again. Cubs are often in hot relationships with their cougar.

They're more than a toy boy to their cougar they're their Cub. Cubs on a cougar hookup site are full of the energy and optimism that go hand in hand with youth. They're often more open minded than their older counterparts, less judgmental, and are able to see the humor in almost any situation, which is what makes them such a compatible cougar companion.

Older men do have sex. However, constantly battling with dissipating energy levels, erectile dysfunction, and the stress that comes with aging, family, money, and work, they don’t have the stamina or high levels of testosterone that they used to have back in the day.

Cubs have the stamina and carefree attitude to satisfy your need for a wild ride.

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Cougars thirst for the virility, energy, and sex drives of younger men. They believe that these men will give them a better sexual experience.

Cougar usually bring experience and confidence to the table — or bed, rather. She's no longer sexually inhibited, knows what she wants, and probably has a few tricks up her sleeve — which is all good news for you.

Cougars have been in long term relationships and marriages, which have provided years of sexual experience with one partner. Those memories are implanted into the older woman's brain and, whether good or bad, have shaped her sexual expertise.

They know what they want. Their self-awareness comes from years of experience and communicating with sexual partners. They've tried different positions, techniques, and fetishes. They've self-pleasured themselves for many years, and aren't afraid of communicating the stuff that really gets them purring.

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